Unlocking Anytime Workouts With FLEX Fitness

28 Feb 2024

Owners Gene and Lora Holt believe an active lifestyle aids in healthy choices. Understanding time isn’t always on everyone’s side, the Holts gave Faulkton its first 24-hour access gym. That’s right! Once membership is established, members receive a key fob giving them 24-hour secured access to work out inside FLEX Fitness as their schedules allow. Another added benefit to having a FLEX Fitness membership is the family aspect: Come one, come all.

FLEX Fitness’ Backstory

For years, Gene and Lora Holt knew of Faulkton residents working out at home, awaiting the limited availability of the school’s weight room after school hours, or driving over 30 miles to visit a gym. After five years of discussing the need for a dedicated health and wellness space to make life easier for their community, the Holts took the initiative.

While the initial idea was to build a new gym, the Holts quickly realized it was more than a notion, so they pivoted. Lora shares, “Fortunately, we were approached by a local building owner offering his retail space for rent, which felt like a blessing. This opportunity allowed us to establish a dedicated fitness facility, greatly enhancing the success rate of individuals’ fitness journeys by providing a convenient and accessible location.”

In 2023, the wheels were put in motion. Lora said, “Many people add fitness to their New Year’s Eve goals. Paired with feeling the isolation of South Dakota winters, we opened on January 1, 2024, to help jumpstart those goals and provide a refuge for residents seeking a healthier lifestyle.”

Who Are Gene and Lora Holt?

Faulkton residents Gene and Lora Holt met during their college years at South Dakota State University (SDSU). They moved to Gene’s family ranch after graduation and have deepened their connection to the community during their 17-year residency.

The Holts are a busy couple, which aided in their decision to open a 24-hour gym. They are parents of two active children attending Faulkton School and individual business owners. Gene owns and runs Vic Holsing Farms along with Holt Ranch Pheasant Hunts, and Lora co-owns & manages Quilter’s Corner. As proud business owners who have experienced firsthand the positive impact of supporting local initiatives, their commitment to Faulkton reflects their understanding of the potential for growth and prosperity through community support.

FLEX Fitness’ Present and Future

The overall goal of FLEX Fitness is to build a vibrant, health-focused community. At the time of this piece, FLEX Fitness has been open for less than two months. In such a short time, the Holts have witnessed a bond and sense of community within its members. The 24-hour access is being fully utilized with members working out at 2 a.m., after 8 p.m., and during the middle of the day. As Lora stated, “It’s been a revelation to see the gym become a revolving door of activity, proving the value of offering a fitness space that’s available whenever our members need it.

Seeing such success in a short time, the Holts are moving forward with future plans. They recently added personal trainer services offering 1:1 specialized training based on individual requests and needs. Other future options will include:

  • An outdoor workout area
  • Hosting community events, starting with the 4th of July’s 5K run
  • A strongman competition
  • Expanding the space
  • Staying at the forefront of fitness technology

Community support is crucial for FLEX Fitness to achieve its goals. One impactful way the residents of Faulkton can contribute is through the membership program, which focuses on family fitness: Come one, come all. Families are encouraged to bring their children, making it a comprehensive and affordable option for everyone. The Holts are certain that together with FLEX Fitness, Faulkton can build a thriving fitness hub that benefits family, friends, and neighbors alike.

Faulkton Believes in Possible

FLEX Fitness made 24-hour workouts possible in Faulkton. Your business can make the impossible possible, like FLEX Fitness. If you have an idea or a business and need assistance turning your idea into reality, contact Faulkton Area Economic Development Corp. (FAEDC). FAEDC is committed to economic development and invites you to grow with us.