Faulkton Area OSP Has a New Home

13 Feb 2024

Since 2014, the Faulkton Area Out-of-School Program (FAOSP) has continued its efforts to maximize the capabilities of children throughout Faulk County. As the mission statement reads, “Enriching the mental, emotional, and physical development of children.” In 2024, FAOSP increased its capacity to help more children and further secure its position as a worthy Faulk County childcare services center.

The Expansion of Faulkton Area Out-of-School Program

When FAOSP started, its location was housed at the Faulkton School, followed by a smaller daycare building by the Faulkton Senior Living facility. While in the school, the rooms assigned to FAOSP didn’t always remain the same. Over the years, as the childcare demand grew, FAOSP outgrew the spaces it occupied and persisted in helping the development of Faulk County’s Children. With these unsustainable factors, FAOSP knew it was time to expand its space offerings.

Early 2023, the decision was made to acquire a new space. However, FAOSP needed funding assistance. A Capital Campaign was held and raised just shy of $100,000.00, along with some larger fundraisers that brought in an additional $56,000.00. The fundraising funds, along with a small loan, went to securing a new building owned by FAOSP.

FAOSP also applied for and received grants from a combination of sources, one being the Faulkton Community Foundation. The grants helped by covering other necessary services needed to open FAOSP in its new space.

In January 2024, FAOSP opened the doors to its new home at 109 13th Ave. in North Faulkton. However, the smaller building at 1403 Pearl Street serves as FAOSP’s second location for the “Little Sprouts,” ages 6-weeks to 5 years old.

FAOSP’s Offerings

Under the direction of April Sorensen, who also teaches some of the classes/programs, FAOSP has offered and continues offering a wealth of academic enrichment/recreation opportunities split by age group and time at the facility:

  • The FAOSP - Before/After school program for ages 5 - 13
  • The Jr. Program - An all-day childcare for ages 4 - 5 
  • Little Sprouts - A licensed group daycare for ages 6-weeks to 4 or 5 years old (once potty trained and ready for a preschool environment, Sprouts are moved to the Jr. Program)
  • The Summer Rec Program - An all-day recreation/summer camp for ages 5 - 13

Depending on the child’s age and chosen program, children experience a structured schedule with time for play, recreation, arts and crafts, music, and educational enhancement. Tutoring is also available, and breakfast and lunch are provided.

Year-round activities offered include:

  • Swimming
  • Tumbling/gymnastics
  • Tae Kwon Do
  • Dance
  • Canvas painting
  • Cooking Club
  • Music activities
  • Sports
  • STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

With all FAOSP offers, it’s clear every child’s needs will be met and then some.

When Director April Sorensen moved to Faulkton in 2006, she did not plan to become the director of FAOSP. However, the position fell into her lap, and she has never looked back. Sorensen stated, “I enjoy this role and have been in this position now for ten years.”

Faulkton Believes in Possible

Donations are accepted and enrollment is encouraged to help continue FAOSP’s mission and assist the parents and community of Faulk County.

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