Faulk County Plans for Its Healthcare Future

4 Dec 2023

“It’s your community and you don’t want it to fade. Every town that’s lost its hospital has shrunk.” - Dr. Kenneth Bartholomew

When small towns lose their healthcare system, their community and the local economy suffer. Dr. Kenneth Bartholomew, medical director of Faulkton Area Medical Center (FAMC), has been one of Faulk County’s primary care physicians for over 45 years. His dedication to Faulk County and to helping people heal has never wavered. He said, “I kept practicing here because I was afraid the hospital would close without a doctor on staff.”

He goes on to say, “We have built a great facility here over the past many years. If the people of Faulk County want to keep a hospital, they must be all in, and they must plan ahead - far, far ahead.” In preparing for retirement  and writing more books (currently working on book six), Dr. Bartholomew and his wife started the Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship in an effort to recruit and secure quality care for the residents of Faulk County.

Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship

FAMC established the Foundation sector in 2004. The goals were to establish an endowment to benefit the medical center, purchase additional equipment, and upgrade technology. Dr. Bartholomew had brought up the idea for recruitment and retention over the past few years, and the Bartholomew’s lead gift of $50,000.00 kickstarted the scholarship, which was named after them.

Its goal is to be the funding source to help recruit and retain not only Dr. Bartholomew’s replacement, but also future Faulk County physicians. “It’s very difficult to recruit doctors to medium-sized towns, and nearly impossible to attract them to very small towns. The scholarship is the best way to do that,” (Faulk County Record, Jan 19, 2022, Vol. 140, No. 3).

Under Dr. Bartholomew’s plan, this scholarship will be ongoing. As he says, “It’s the 50-year plan.” The plan was to start by reaching a goal of $250,000 and grow that into $1M, turning this scholarship fund into a revolving fund strictly for physician recruitment and retention.

As of the time of this article, the Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship has reached $216,764.00 toward its $250,000.00 goal. Faulk County is sowing the seeds to secure qualified physicians to continue quality healthcare.

Donate Today

Having local, quality healthcare strengthens the local economy by retaining residents, encouraging family growth, and attracting new families. Without physicians, FAMC can’t stay open. “It was 50 years ago when I started medical school,” commented Dr. Bartholomew.  “Keeping a hospital and clinic open in a small town is a major financial benefit of roughly $500M over 50 years so the whole community benefits.”

Donations are an ongoing endeavor. Whether you choose to donate money, crops, or cows, there are many ways to make tax deductible, charitable donations to the Dr. Ken and Twyla Bartholomew Scholarship.

Faulkton will end 2023 with a donation bang and celebrate with the FAMC Foundation’s fundraiser event, Back to 80’s Night. Attendees will enjoy the comedy stylings of Frank Roche and dance the night away to great grooves from The Rude Band, all while helping to ensure that the Bartholomew’s scholarship fund is fully vested for the future of healthcare in the Faulkton area. Stay current with Back to 80’s Night by following FAMC Foundation’s Facebook page.

Throughout the year, you can pledge an annual, bi-annual, or quarterly pledge over a 5 to 10-year span. The other option is a one-time donation. All are graciously accepted and deeply appreciated.

The financial seeds sown today will spring forth ongoing healthcare for you, your children, and your grandchildren.